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Thansi Traders began its journey in the pet industry over 10 years ago. From a single store many years ago, it expanded to chain of pet stores across Chennai retailing a wide range of pet foods, toys, products, accessories and articles. There are over 5,000 products available in each of the four physical stores. However, the reach of physical stores is always limited to the local area and with the intention to service a larger customer base, Thansi Traders launched its website www.thansipets.com in 2020. The website provides pet parents comfort and convenience while shopping from among a wide selection of products. 

Thansi Traders has decided to extend its services to other major cities across Tamil Nadu. Thansi Traders will partner with a single strong retailer in each city, a retailer who is known for efficient customer service and logistics. With the technology from Thansi Traders and order/customer servicing by the city partner, Thansi Traders is poised to serve pet parents across India.

This model of execution will ensure that pet parents across the nation are offered a wide range of quality products at an affordable price within a quick delivery time. Further, the improved operational and business efficiencies will result in benefits which can be passed onto customers through better discounts and deals.

Thansi Traders along with its city partners is looking forward to many more years of continued service to pet owner

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